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Welcome to the CVTA

The CVTA is Eastern Boulder County's (Colorado) community tennis association. We host a variety of tennis socials and other fun events for our members, ranging from drill socials to pot lucks to our annual Casino Night. In addition to sponsoring USTA league and World Team Tennis play and running the Boulder County Cup tournament, we also offer indoor winter court time. We also provide a newsletter and player roster to members. Join us and get out there and play some tennis!

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Community Food Share

The CVTA is proud to partner with Community Food Share. Over the past couple of years, the CVTA has been focusing our efforts on philanthropic events for the tennis community - and now we're looking to do even more by providing volunteer opportunities with the Community Food Share. The CVTA has committed to sending volunteers to Community Food Share the First Tuesday of each month from 5PM - 7PM. Learn more here.

Members of the 2017 CVTA Board of Directors

Terry Tessier - President (term expires 12/31/2017)
Michelle Beard- Vice President (term expires 12/31/2017)
Yannick Van Doosselaere - Treasurer (term expires 12/31/2017)
Tom Tessier - Secretary (term expires 12/31/2017)
Anna Wyckoff - Member at Large (term expires 12/31/2017)
Lynne Engelmann- Member at Large (term expires 12/31/2017)
Kyle Masuga - Website Administrator (term expires 12/31/2017)